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Winning strategy: How to play blackjack

An important part of learning how to play blackjack is to know the hand signals players are required to use. Here, with a 14 showing, the player motions for another card, or a hit, with a brushing motion toward her. (Alejandro Tamayo / The San Diego Union-Tribune) 1) To request another card or to HIT: The player will make a brushing/scratching or tapping motion with their hand. 2) To decline to take a card or to STAND: The player will make a waving motion with their hand back and forth. 3) To DOUBLE DOWN: This action allows a player to increase their initial bet up to 100 percent but in exchange, they will only receive one additional card. To do this, the player will place an additional bet to the side of their original bet. 4) To SPLIT a hand: In the event a player receives 2 like value cards, say two 8s, they have the option to SPLIT them into two separate hands. To inform the dealer that you would like to split, the player must place a new bet that is equal to their original bet. It is important to inform the dealer that you are requesting to SPLIT the hand by showing the “two-fingers” signal for SPLIT.

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